Cocktails from the balcony

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1) Are you an anarchist?
2) Are you alternatingly annoyed and amused by self-proclaimed anarchists who say stupid shit?
3) What about dumb ass leftists and liberals?

Good! Here is where we go when it would be inappropriate to make fun of people in our other communities.

Just make sure your post here is friends-only. And please don't delete anything you say or that anyone else says. Plus try to limit your targets to anarchists, liberals, and leftists. There's enough criticism of the right on livejournal. Let's have some fun.

This community is very lightly moderated. However, there are a couple bannable offenses:
1) If you are snarked and you join the community just to make a new post in your own defense, you will be banned. Suck it up, sucker. Or defend yourself in the original thread.
2) If you continue to be thoroughly wack there might be a committee convened to purge you. Because you're wack. This will only occur under the most drastic of conditions.
3) There's a sign on the door, "no biting allowed." If you didn't read it, I suggest you do so. Or you'll be stranded just like Crusoe.